Active Directory... anywhere

AD HelpDesk provides a secure, remote help desk solution for Active Directory. Perform common administrative tasks like searching and unlocking user accounts, modify group memberships and much more. There is no server to install; everything is done 100% natively in the iOS client using Kerberos and LDAP.

AD HelpDesk is available for the iPhone, iPad and Mac OSX. Go check us out on the App Store and find out why Tom’s Guide, Tech Target and others are recommending AD Help Desk as a simple, convenient help desk solution.

AD HelpDesk lite is a free version of AD HelpDesk that is fully functional and allows you to find disabled accounts and reset passwords from your iPhone. You can get AD HelpDesk lite for free right now and see how awesome it is to admin Active Directory from your phone. For more powerful search features, including editing arbitrary attributes and iPad support, grab the full version and help support ongoing devlopment on AD HelpDesk!