#Need some help?

You can always send an email to support@implbits.com and we will reply as promptly as we can. (We have day jobs too!) Before you send that email, have a look at the FAQ sections below to see if your question has already been answered.

I just installed Hashtab, where’s the icon?
Hashtab is sneaky cool. Instead of opening the “hashtab app” just select any file on your computer and right-click it. Select Properties. There is a new tab called “File Hashes”. That’s Hashtab! Select the “File Hashes” tab and discover the ease and simplicity of Hashtab.

Why don’t any hashes show up?
Click settings and make sure at least one hash is selected.

Will you support <insert hash here>?
Sure! Send an email to support@implbits.com. If you know of a reference implementation, it helps if you mention it. It’s also helpful if you can help us understand why this hash is important and worth supporting. How do you use it?

Why isn’t there a free version of HashTab for the Mac?
HashTab on Mac is distributed through the app store for convenience and security. Apple Developer licenses cost money. So does Mac hardware used in development and testing of the Mac port of HashTab. It’s two dollars. We aren’t getting rich and you aren’t getting poor. It’s a win-win.

What if I still want a free version of HashTab for Mac OSX?
Fine. You win. Go here.

How do you enforce the license on Windows?
We rely on an ultra-sophisticated cyber-technology called Honesty™. HashTab users are savvy enough that any license enforcement we build in would be quickly subverted. So we don’t bother. If you are an honest person (corporations are people, my friend), you’ll comply with the license. If you aren’t, you wont.

Why can’t I log in to the domain?
Make sure you are connected to your corporate VPN.

What is Varpanel?
It’s a better environment variable editor for Windows.